Welcome To The Makers Market

For several years now, we’ve been the proud owners and operators of The Makers Market in downtown Orillia. It has always been a dream of ours to have our own Market and showroom to proudly showcase our products and the amazing creations of our local artisans. When we opened in the summer of 2019, our store was graciously welcomed to Downtown Orillia. We have always felt the love of our fellow businesses and our wonderful community. We are happy to have been part of the growth our downtown had been experiencing and we wanted to make a difference. We worked hard to be another staple store that had the ability to entice people to visit and shop downtown. We believe we accomplished our goals, and we were well positioned to be a long-time fixture in our community.
The pandemic was so rough on many businesses, and we certainly were impacted in ways that we could never have predicted. We hung on with everything we had and with our fighting spirit, we were determined to beat it. Once things started to open again, we were full of hope and excitement. Then came the whispers of a looming recession and the realization that so many were now carefully watching their funds and when they did spend, there was a large shift geared to experiences over possession and online shopping.
We are more fortunate than most, having our very busy Woodshop bear the weight of the store, we were able to keep hanging on.
We have always loved the personal touch that goes with having our own store. Sharing time with customers, watching people’s faces light up when they find that one of a kind piece, along with being a part of our wonderful downtown community are the true joys to be found in what we do.
The meaningful and personal connections we have made are what makes it very difficult for us to announce that, effective on March 15th, we will be closing our Makers Market on Mississaga Street. The demand for our custom furniture has reached the point where we need to give The Northern Joinery our undivided attention.
We are very grateful for your support over the past few years at The Makers Market. A showcase for local talent, a meeting place for friends, and a source of entertainment and hope during the pandemic, The Makers Market has brought so much joy to us personally and to the City of Orillia.
We send out heartfelt thanks to our talented Vendors, our amazing customers, our loyal staff, and our community as a whole for your support and dedication. You are the reasons we kept chugging along. We are forever grateful.
This isn’t goodbye, keep following us on our journey in the woodshop with The Northern Joinery. We continue to be available to create that special piece of functional art you’ve been dreaming about.
With Love
Beth and David Shaw